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Rates : [ Experience Med Rate: HP/LVL/Strenght base ] / [ Egg :Int-like ] / [ Drop : LVL/area medium ]
Welcome To 4Dynasty:
Posted 9/18/2018
4Dynasty Kalonline
Started from PACD Files, mean its not a repack, and rewrited from scratch, with somes released stuffs added
A fair server for fairs players, we won't interfering during your gameplay with block issues for socials disturbs.
This Project is running since February 2013. This Server is not based on any repack, started from PACD Clean files, and added somes features that bring your gameplay,less boring.

4Dynasty is one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs available 4Dynasty has a great animated graphical style that`s easy on the eyes,
but is much more improved on our server.Like many other KalOnline MMORPGs, players.

Your-Role GamePlay
- Not about the money
- Not about the fame
- Just to offer you a great fun

Greetings GeumOhee.

System requirements
Posted 9/15/2018

Recommended Requirement

CPU Pentium-III 800MHz
Video Card 128MB
Operation System Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
Hard Drive 560MB
DirectX DirectX 9.0

Server Information
Posted 9/12/2018

Hello Kal Player,

We have been working hard on a new version of your favourite KalOnline server, 4Dynasty !
We're inviting you to register your new account

What to expect from this version :

- 5 classes ( mage, archer, knight, thief , Shaman )
- New Transportation system ( Stargate )
- Latest Engine ( New UI,.. )
- New Skills ( 3rd job & overworked damages formulas )
- Int. Server Maps & Spawns int-likes
- Powerful Hackshield & InGame Tickets
- 100vs100 Guild vs Guild 1vs1, Hunting Quests, Instance, Shadow of D'evah System, Buff npc (much more)
- C/S Center & Support chat ( Webserver )

Our Team:

- GeumOhee | Admin, Development, Webmaster
- GameMaster | Extensions Developer

We hope to see you all playing on 4Dynasty Server!

Kind regards
4Dynasty Staff

IMPORTANT : This server is a first public version for testing purposes. DBs wipes might happen.

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