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Rates : [ Experience 80x: HP/LVL/Strenght base ] / [ Egg :Intlike ] / [ Drop : LVL/area medium ]
Posted 10/10/2014


Dear Sirs and Mesdames,

to work on a private server costs time and money. The donation system shall keep the server online. Players usually donate around 50€-90€ which helps much to pay the addons, protections, rootserver and other running costs.

Playing 4Dynasty-KalOnline is completely free, donating is 100% optional.

The Donation system is fair.
All items can be obtained without donation.

For generous Players who donate for this project, you get a donation code to charge your character with gifts.
Check this list to see the values:

- Donation List

4Dynasty KalOnline
10€1000 KalCash
20€2000 KalCash
30€3000 KalCash
40€4000 KalCash
50€5000 KalCash
80€8000 KalCash

Please fill in all information.
Don't lose the code.


- GeumOhee | Admin, Development, Webmaster
- Jemy | Extensions Developer
- H | GameMaster

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